HACKED! Bonobos

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit: Hacking Bonobos: Menswear Retailer  Risk to Business: 1.979 = Severe Men’s clothier Bonobos has experienced a huge 70GB data breach exposing millions of customers’ personal information after a cloud backup of their database was snatched. ShinyHunters, who had a very busy week, posted the full Bonobos database to a free hacker forum. ShinyHunters …

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HACKED! MeetMindful

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit:  Hacking MeetMindful: Dating Site Risk to Business: 1.979 = Severe Details of an estimated 2.28 million users of dating site MeetMindful was just released online in the latest in a series of stolen data dumps by cybercrime gang ShinyHunters. There’s no clear origin of the data, but researchers expect that it may …

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HACKED! Cook Cty Courts

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit: Unsecured Server Circuit Court of Cook County: Municipal Court System  Risk to Business: 1.775 = Severe An unsecured Elasticsearch server is the cause of a huge data exposure containing more than 323,277 Cook County court-related records. Researchers estimate that the database may have belonged to a specialist Cook County department of caseworkers working …

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Simulated Hacker Computer Screen

HACKED! Mercy Iowa City

An unauthorized user gained access to an employee email account at this Iowa hospital, leading to the potential exposure of sensitive data for thousands of patients. There’s no confirmation that data was stolen, but the hospital is warning patients of the possibility The incident was discovered after the compromised account began sending out spam and phishing messages.

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Simulated Hacker Computer Screen

HACKED! Managed.com

Ransomware has had a nasty impact at this web hosting provider, causing a complete shutdown of company systems. The company says that a “limited number” of customer sites have been affected. Impacted functions included WordPress and DotNetNuke managed hosting platforms, online databases, email servers, DNS servers, RDP access points, and FTP servers.

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HACKED! View Media

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit: Unsecured Database View Media: Online Marketing Firm  Risk to Business: 2.201 = Severe A publicly accessible Amazon Web Services (AWS) server that belongs to View Media was discovered by cybersecurity researchers, overflowing with more than 38 million US user records, including their full names, email and street addresses, phone numbers, and ZIP …

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HACKED! Roper St Francis Hospital

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit: Unauthorized Database Access (Phishing)  Roper St. Francis Hospital: Medical Center  Risk to Business: 2.354 = Severe A newly-announced security breach occurred at Roper St. Francis Hospital (Charleston SC) between June 13 and June 17. An attacker was able to gain access to a treasure trove of healthcare data by compromising an an employee’s …

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HACKED! Cygilant

By Kevin Lancaster, IDAgent Exploit: Ransomware Cygilant: Information Security Firm   Risk to Business: 1.337 = Extreme Cybersecurity startup Cygilant finds itself in hot water after falling victim to a ranasomware attack. Cygilant is believed to be the latest victim of NetWalker ransomware. A site on the Dark Web associated with the NetWalker ransomware group posted screenshots of internal …

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