Hurricane ISAIAS

ISAIAS has reached Category 1 Hurricane strength as of Friday (31 JUL). The storm track continues to move northward and the center of the storm is expected to pass just off the east coast of Florida late Saturday night and Sunday, and then taking a track along the eastern seaboard of the United States.  

FLORIDA EAST COAST CLIENTS:  We have activated PHASE 1 Disaster Plans for all Priority Assurance© clients in the affected region from the Upper Keys to Jacksonville, FL. This includes a more aggressive backup schedule and the implementation of offsite rapid-failover backups where applicable. Be prepared for power and Internet outages in your area, particularly Palm Beach northward to Stuart.
We do not anticipate moving to PHASE 2 (equipment relocation and hot site activation) for this storm.

FLORIDA WEST COAST CLIENTS: This storm track is no longer threatening the gulf coast region; at most we anticipate minimal impact for our coastal clients (primarily affecting power and Internet access); coastal clients may experience high tides and surf, but overall we expect there to be no appreciable wind or increased rain associated with this storm for our area.
We are, however, monitoring the track closely, and will keep this page updated.

Last Updated 0830 – 01 AUG 2020