Look at the Bright Side; Maybe a Hurricane will Drown the Murder Hornets

Hurricane season is days away. Some people may be sick of the disaster preparedness messaging they’ve endured the last ten weeks from coronavirus, but like or not, the time to prepare for hurricane season is now.

Drawing of angry hornet
Murder Hornets? 

The start of hurricane season is on June 1, but we’ve already had a first “early storm” extending the tradition of the previous five years, which all experienced tropical development before the start of the season.

Floridians will be able to take advantage of the tax free sales starting May 29 and lasting to June 4, during which qualifying items related to disaster preparedness will be exempt from sales tax, according to the Florida Department of Revenue. The list of qualifying items has not yet been posted, but in previous years tax-exempt items included commodities such as batteries, flashlights, coolers, radios and generators.

This year, Accuweather meteorologists are predicting an above-average year in tropical production and suggesting 14 to 18 named storms. The average hurricane season has about 12 named storms, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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